Datum: 18-06-2019

Tweede prijs en volgend jaar in Engeland namens Nederland!!

Leerlingen IST (International School) en TTO (Tweetalig onderwijs) hebben meegedaan aan een wiskunde wedstrijd. In Breukelen vertegenwoordigden zij College Zuid. Wekenlang trainen werd beloond met een tweede prijs (uit 48!). Deze leerlingen gaan namens Nederland in maart de strijd aan op Europees niveau. Een felicitatie waard!!

Lees hieronder het verslag van hun wedstrijd.

Team Maths Challenge 2019

On Friday 14th June, Mr O Domhnaill took four students to Broklede in Breukelen ,where the  United Kingdom Mathematics Trust with students from Tonbridge Grammar School, England held the yearly UKMT Team Maths Challenge.

The pupils  involved this year are (from left to right) Clement  Vovard, Meryem Bulut, Kathleen Vine and captain Ciara Chau.

The students felt the pressure as College Zuid TTO have in the last 14 years won this competition 5 times and have a reputation of finishing in the top 10 every year. After giving up their lunch times to practice the last 8 weeks, they were determined to do College Zuid proud.

There were four different rounds that the students had to complete over the course of the day.


The four students worked together in round 1, but after that, in groups of two, depending on the other pair to deliver answers, so that they could continue. The day finished with a relay race, where Maths problems were solved against the clock, with a sprint to the other half of the team, so they could continue answering their part of the problems.

Kathleen 1TTO, said she  enjoyed solving all the different problems under the pressure of the ticking clock. The atmosphere she found was very competitive which made it all a lot of fun.

Out of the 48 schools that took part they came in a fantastic 2nd place.

Finishing second, the team will now represent the Netherlands next year in England during the grand finale of the Maths Team Challenge Final

The pupils were super all day and a real credit to the school. Throughout the day they demonstrated excellent teamwork and problem solving skills.

They are now looking forward to 2020 and not only represent College Zuid again, but now the Netherlands as well.


Ms Prakken Head of HAVO and Ms Piras Head of VVO congratulates the team


Mr Gakes Head of IST congratulates the team